Sleep is vital for an infant's brain development. During sleep neural pathways are formed and memory consolidation takes place

Sleep deprivation can lead to poor concentration and confusion which puts both parent and child safety at greater risk

Parent and child sleep deprivation can lead to poor immune systems and increased illness as well as potential mental health concerns

A well rested family will feel better, interact and connect better bringing an overall sense of deeper joy and happiness!

We all wake in the night and we're not trying to stop that. What we are aiming for is the ability to resettle back to sleep without the need for someone or something to do it for the baby or child every time.

Short naps, a lack of naps and nap resistance are common challenges. We will explore the most suitable approach to help your child get restorative sleep in the optimal intervals.

What if it doesn't work ?

How long will it take ?

Will my baby cry ?

What is your success rate ?

Do you guarantee results ?

I provide a service that consists of information and support. I cannot control how that is used by the customer, therefore I cannot guarantee the customer's results. I can guarantee satisfaction with my assessment and consultation, after which the results are in the customer's hands.